Greg Anton has written his first novel, Face the Music. Hard and digital copies of Face the Music are available from Plus One Press, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Face the MusicSan Francisco, 1975. Woody, an artistically brilliant, socially inept street musician, is just getting by. Inspired by Stephanie, the love of his life, he writes an amazing song that could launch his musical career. Then an unexpected betrayal leaves him fighting for his relationship and his future.

Hopelessly disorganized, armed with only his guitar and unique sense of humor, Woody tries to persevere against the inequities of the music business. Passion, desperation and intense idealism propel him head-on into the challenges of surviving as an uncompromising artist.

Face the Music is a story of love, self-discovery, and the spiritual power of music. Read Paul Liberatore’s review in the Marin IJ.

Face the Music front cover

‘Face the Music’ is captivating, with powerful passages that are valuable contributions to the akashic records of American Literature. Generally, words are inadequate to express emotions conveyed by music; but this book flows like a moody, mystical, musical composition.” – Barry “The Fish” Melton (of Country Joe and the Fish), musician and defense attorney.

Greg exposes the insularity of the pop-music business with stunning veracity. . .an insider’s look at its highs, lows, and a whiff of the steaming guts, delivered with style and verve. . .not incidentally featuring an unforgettable leading lady. Good shit!” – Robert Hunter


Face the Music is a story about a love song called ‘Stephanie’. Greg recently recorded ‘Stephanie’ with some of his friends; available here for listening and for download on iTunes.

Stephanie –  iTunes
Robert Hunter – Lyrics • 
Greg Anton – Music

Original track credits: Steve Kimock (guitar), Melvin Seals (organ), Tim Hockenberry (vocals), Robin Sylvester (bass), Greg Anton (drums, piano)

Lyrics & Music Copyright ©2013 by Robert Hunter & Greg Anton
All Rights Reserved

Face the Music cover art by Stanley Mouse




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Greg has performed as a drummer at hundreds of concerts with well-known artists world-wide, recorded on over 40 albums, and published over 50 original songs. Read about Greg’s latest music project, The Rock Collection.

A musical drummer with powerful dynamics that puts down a beat that is the heart of the band.” – Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle